photo by Rob Seebacher</p>

photo by Rob Seebacher

This is the second and most fantastical of the 'Patti Fedy' trilogy. Patti goes on a bloodthirsty hunt for an elusive unicorn that is said to have her greatest desire. Armed with only her pedal-less bicycle and her razor sharp wit, she goes on a bizarre journey in which she conquers faulty traps, lying virgins and her own shortcomings. Set to a quirky score by Canadian composer Andrea Young, this play is a satirical look at fear and a desperate search for happiness.
Running time: 60 minutes

Technical requirements
Space: Ceiling Height 13'0" Stage Depth 15' Width 20'
Sound: Basic sound
Lighting: Basic

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The Patti Fedy Trilogy

These are a collection of plays starring the clown Patti Fedy. They are all one-person, direct address shows, which have won awards and accolades across the country (see press section) All shows travel light and are available for hire.