“Being Yourself” Onstage

Techniques to frame personal and found stories in a theatrical context.

This workshop uses creation techniques that focus on the depth of finding simplicity and honesty onstage, both in performance and in the collection of performance material. The workshop mixes elements of clown training with journalistic techniques as well as a sharp focus on tempo, simplicity and finding the essential in a story. Participants are challenged to be intimate, adventurous with form and to "find the funny".

Good for performers, writers and theatre-makers interested in adapting biographical material for the stage.

Boot Camp with JOHN TURNER

This workshop takes place in 7 straight days of work (over 50 hours) with the use of the stuff from Baby Clown for creation and performance of original work. The individual works on creating and performing original material of any performance genre, expanding the perception of what clown is and how it can be used. This is advanced clown covering anything in performance/creation including duos or trios, speaking in clown, nose/no nose . . . anything expanding and cementing the use of the work. There will be two or three public performances with note sessions following. Depending on the performance schedule this could take the workshop to 8 or 9 days.

Advanced Performance Intensive with JOHN TURNER

This last one, the API is for people who have a piece ("act") they're working on that they may have even performed already and can be original work or not (solo, duo, or trio). The pieces are farther along than in Boot Camp. We work with smaller numbers and more intensively. This workshop is a little closer to being directed in a piece, using the clown training as a starting point. Again, the pieces can be any genre and if an act has a director or stage manger already, they would be welcome to observe. Each group gets three intensive work periods with time in between to work on notes from the sessions. Students to have done Baby Clown and would have priority status for admission. This workshop would be the same number of days as there are acts, plus a day or two depending on the performance schedule. If there are 8 acts then it will be 8 days.

Baby Clown or Clown Through Mask with JOHN TURNER

This is the mind blowing beginning Pochinko-style workshop and the prerequisite for the other two mentioned here. It lasts 16 days (over 100 hours). It basically runs 9:30 - 4:30 every day with some extra out of class time for paper maché of the masks etc. (max 14 students)


This course might best be described as 'neo-bouffon': rooted in the lessons of Parisian master Philippe Gaulier, but focused on finding more appropriate ways to apply the bouffon basics within the context of contemporary North American culture. Through written and performance parodies, a comedic-oriented dissection of societal maladies, and an unflinching look at the more grotesque aspects of the human species, the course aims to wring laughter from the darkest aspects of our cultural condition.

This course is designed for writers and directors as much as it is for performers. Course content and exercises are challenging, and not for the faint of heart. There is homework, and participants will be asked to prepare very short pieces. No bouffon or clown experience is necessary, but a CV or resume and a brief telephone interview are required prior to acceptance.

Karen Hines- Bouffon Boot Camp Intensive 2005

John Turner- Baby Clown 3 week intensive 2005

John Turner- Baby Clown 3 week intensive, May 2004

John Turner- Advanced Clown Boot Camp, November 2003

Intro to clowning intensive, May 2003